Haiku and Teapot Greeting Cards

$5.00 - $18.00
  • Haiku and Teapot Greeting Cards

On our “Haiku and Teapot Series” we added haikus my daughter and I have written throughout the years together with haikus written by respected poets from Japan. These are based on our hand-made designs we created using matcha tea and coffee. They are printed on high-quality paper.

These cards can be ordered as a single card or as a set of 6 cards ($18) each with an individual drawing - a lovely gift idea!

You may find the other designs from this series at:

Their size is 4.25 x 5.5 inches. They have a blank interior and a tan envelope. Each card has a back with our company logo, which is intended to convey the tales we tell – the curious tales that will take you to faraway places.