Pomegranate Greeting Cards - Single Vase

  • Pomegranate Greeting Cards - Single Vase

My daughter and I appreciate things that are impermanent such as the seasons or anything that changes with seasons. In my grandmother’s garden there was a pomegranate tree which fascinated us as children with it reddest red flowers and fruits. We watched the evolving of small buds to most delicious fruits.

In Anatolia, there are sacred pomegranate trees that are respected by the townsfolk because there happens to be a wise man or a woman lying underneath the tree. I grew up with many stories and riddles about this fruit.

.. Persephone, beautiful goddess of spring. and the Queen of the Underworld greedily swallows a handful of pomegranate seeds on her way home from Hades, dooming her to return to the underworld for part of each year.

We created the “Pomegranate Series” to present this “magical”, gentle, yet durable fruit in joyful ways.

These cards can be ordered as a single card or as a set of 6 cards ($18) each with an individual drawing - a lovely gift idea!

You may find the other designs from this series at:

Their size is 4.25 x 5.5 inches. They have a blank interior and a tan envelope. Each card has a back with our company logo, which is intended to convey the tales we tell – the curious tales that will take you to faraway places.